I grew up taking photos, but not really thinking about what I was doing. We had a Polaroid, then I got one of those Kodak basic film cameras with the flash cubes. For my 13th birthday, I got one of those horrid little cameras with the drop-in film. I got pictures back in an hour but it just wasn't that exciting.

Then, about to graduate college with a Journalism degree, I thought it might be handy to know how to take real pictures. My mom mailed me the old Pentax SLR she had in a closet and I signed up for a semester of basic black-and-white photography. I learned about composition (and realized I had a good eye for it already), light, all those funky settings, and how to actually process and develop my own prints using chemicals and an enlarger. Now this was fun! I signed up for a second semester - color this time. All new chemicals and processes to learn! The spark was lit.

When digital came around the spark became flame and I quickly amassed as much equipment as I could afford. I began to travel more, and photograph more. But I still didn't have much focus. I had some good images, but few stories. I went to the fabulous Photography at the Summit workshop, mostly because my idol Thomas Mangelsen was one of the instructors. The faculty was full of National Geographic photographers who gave us their time, expertise and sometimes brutal critiques. I learned more in a week than I had in all my years of taking photographs, and I began to MAKE photographs.

I still travel extensively, and my favorite subjects are the wildlife in our national parks and the unexpected things we see when visiting somewhere new. I have begun to focus more on things closer to home and plan take more advantage of Utah's beautiful places, incredible wildlife and interesting people. I hope you enjoy what you see. Please leave comments or drop me a note. I'd love to hear from you!

- Kim